NVC Service Specialists
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NVC is structured to provide unparalleled service to our customers and consignees. Our management team and service staff are professionals trained to provide solutions, service and a 'personal touch'. Based on the service you request, you'll be provided with:

Management/Consulting Team - experienced logistics veterans with backgrounds in a variety of supply chain specialties including logistics, transportation, fulfillment, resource management, execution and analytics.

Business Development Executive - your development and integration partner to initiate & build the infrastructure needed to meet your requirements and strengthen the relationship with your organization. They are responsible for ongoing planning and overall management of your business.

Account Management Team - expertise in ongoing transportation management & optimization, planning, analytics and program support. These professionals are highly trained to support your business on a daily basis.

Customer Service Representatives - working with you and your consignees, this team provides quality control, information and quick resolution should issues arise. They also answer consignee questions and delivery partner issues.

Regional Coordinators - the internal liaison between our partner network and internal logistics operations. They work behind-the-scenes to oversee operational transactions and ensure network performance.